Privacy Policy

Hundreds of customers contact us and work with us but we believe in keeping their information limited to us. We don’t share their business information to anyone as their privacy is important to us. Many customers share their Bank information to get the payment gateway and other services at their web portal and these are encrypted to us. Apart from this, we do have access and on websites and so we have the credentials of customers’ website and these credentials are also kept with great security and not transmitted to third person till the owner sends his request to do so.

We take high precautions to protect the information received through online or offline methods. Our promise is to provide the safety and security to the prospective business to create healthy competition market. We encourage the new comers to participate in the open market and make them acknowledgeable.

Note:In case, your website suffered due to the negligence & irresponsible action of your previous web service provider company, we will not be chargeable/responsible for this kind of loss and insecurity.

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